Tuition is $10 per class hour. Tuition can be paid on site via cash or check, or you can pay here.

Registration fee is a one-time $20 payment per semester used to hold the class seat.

Regardless of attendance, students are financially responsible for every class during the semester.
(More information on our Policies page.)

Some financial assistance is available. Please contact the office via phone or email.

Arts For All, Inc. reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. Classes will only run if enrollment is a minimum of 5 students per class.

If a class is cancelled:
1. Registrants may choose to attend a different class.
Registrants may choose to cancel the registration entirely. Cancellations will result in a refund. Arts For All, Inc. will retain the registration fee.

Music books cost $10 and may be purchased at the class site.

Dance dress code is specified as easy-to-move comfort wear and tennis shoes. Students may purchase dance wear and shoes inexpensively at Target and Bobby’s Dancewear.

Students should bring their own instruments to music class. (This does not include piano class. Keyboards and headphones provided for each student.)

You can rent instruments at Dietze or purchase instruments through Schmitt Music, Millard Music, or find used instruments at Sol’s Jewelry & Loan. 

Arts For All has a few instruments to loan for $35/mo. Contact the office at 402-556-7821 for availability.

Arts For All classes cancel when OPS is closed for bad weather. However, classes are still held during low temperature days. More information here.

Please watch for weather announcements on our Facebook, Twitter, and in your email inbox. The office phone message (402-556-7812) will also indicate weather closings.

If the student misses class, it may be possible to schedule a make-up class at a different location. Classes may be arranged through the class instructor or the office.

There are places to wait outside of the classroom while the student is in class. 

Dropping students off: Part of the registration includes signing a liability waiver that acknowledges that Arts For All, Inc. assumes no liability for the safety of the student unless the guardian informs the office otherwise.

Arts For All is able to reach students all around the metro thanks to seven individual churches located in different parts of Omaha. These churches have donated space to us and allow us to operate out of them so that we can bring creativity, variety and affordability to you and your child. We are very grateful for their generous gift.
Within these churches, there are many different rooms which makes it possible to host separate individual courses in their own space. We believe this lets your child better focus on their art and the teachers better focus on your child. These churches not only provide the needed space but also the security of safe, well-lit parking lots and convenient easy to find locations.
We at Arts For All care for your safety and are grateful we are able to provide this service to you by the generous donations of these churches.