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  • Scholarships to help more children learn and grow in the arts
  • Acquiring art supplies and materials, as well as maintenance of musical instruments for our classes
  • Additional outreach programs that bring creativity and self-confidence to schools and the community

Thank you for helping put the arts back into hearts!

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• Rehner Scholarship (Music)
• Mallory Scholarship (Visual Arts)
• Operational

Arts For All, Inc. (AFA) is a dynamic arts education program developed to be affordable for all. We provide quality, culturally enriched classes that encourage personal growth. More expansive than any other local organization, AFA offers classes in visual, performing, musical, and communication arts. AFA programs are designed to help students overcome barriers faced in accessing quality arts education. AFA was founded in 2006 as a unique organization which operates weekly classes for hundreds of students each year in facilities donated by community organizations.


Arts For All fills a gap when arts funding is cut from schools and other programs, allowing for students to experience the joy and self-esteem that comes from being creative. Arts education is associated with better problem solving skills, increased empathy, and greater awareness of the world around us. Everyone can benefit from creative self-expression, and we are committed to ensuring a quality experience for everyone.