Class Descriptions

Art 1 (Beginning Art) 
Art 1 is a course offered for ages 4 -7. This class is an introduction to a variety of media or materials students can use to explore and develop their beginning artistic abilities. Media that might be used includes, but is not limited to: paint, chalk and oil pastels, watercolor, clay or air dry clay, printmaking/stamping, creating with paper, collage, and more! Ages 4-7

Cartooning 1 
This course will lead students through the whimsical world of creating your very own comic through classic methods of cartooning. Course work includes picking characters, practicing lettering, adding color, student discussion and critiques and reworking the cartoons.  Ages 7+

Cartooning 2
Cartooning 2 takes it up a little with this level 2 class, focusing on character development and storytelling. Course work includes learning comic strip cartooning formats, showing motion from panel to panel, bubble lettering, student discussion and critiques, reworking and creating the next comic strip in your series. Ages 10+

Perfect for those learning and developing their painting and drawing techniques with traditional materials such as acrylic, watercolor, vine charcoal and ink. Ages vary

General Art
Our General Art class allows students explore the variety of media used to create visual art from acrylic paint, oil pastels, 3D modeling material and others. Students will focus on essential concepts such as line, color, shading and texture. Class goals include learning the various mediums, sharpen observational skills and encourage a lot of art! Students will also learn the tools of creating great composition, focus, and perspective. Ages 8+

Low Vision Art
This General Arts class is intended for those with special vision needs while having some visual perception.  This class is 1.5 hours. Please email for more info. Ages 12+

Painting (Adult) 
Instructor Jim Jacobi helps beginning and intermediate students develop their painting skills focusing on light and composition. Ages 18+

Explore the world of sculpture using various mediums. Create fun and unique projects that focus on form, shape, and movement. Ages 8+

Ballet 1
This class will cover a series of basic steps, poses, jumps, turns and students will learn all five traditional positions of the feet.  Additionally, students will learn ballet culture and begin to incorporate some musicality and creativity as well as how to express themselves through the art of movement. Ages 4-7

Ballet 2
This class will build on the techniques learned in Ballet 1. Ages 6+

Mixed Movement Dance
This class will cover the essentials of 4 different styles of dance; Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz and Modern.  Dancers should expect to learn beginning level skills for each style.  The Ballet section will cover: proper feet positions, barre, jumps, leaps and turns.  Hip Hop, Jazz, and Modern sections will cover basic moves including footwork, different combinations, and students will be able to distinguish the difference between each of the styles and how each style has its own distinct movements.  Each week we will concentrate on one or more of the different styles of dance.  All music used in class is clean and kid friendly.  Ages 8+

Acting 1
This class covers the basics of acting, with a focus on improvisation, movement, vocal projection, and intentional expression. Through the semester,  Instructors lead students through exercises that let students practice working with others, becoming more self-confident in their expression, and using their imagination for problem solving and storytelling. Ages 8+

Acting 2
Students will advance their acting by playing dynamic and layered characters, focusing on listening and reacting, and showing their personal power with stage presence. Ages 11-14

Act Your Story
Storytelling in front of an audience, whether they be family, friends, or fellow students, is becoming a lost art.  Storytelling is simply sharing memories of what we have seen through the history of our life, living it day to day, week to week, year to year.  Imagination, in our children’s minds and lives, is also becoming lost forever in their modern fast moving technical lives.  Storytelling/ Improv class is a chance to slow time and to re-experience the skill of imagining as well as remembering important events and moments and conveying these scenes to other people convincingly.  Ages 8+

Drums 1
Students will learn how to hold drum sticks, the basics of a drum kit, and how to play drum rudiments. Ages vary

Drums 2
In this course, students continue to develop their drumming technique with this more advanced class. Ages vary

Drums Adult
Students will learn how to hold drum sticks, the basics of a drum kit, and how to play drum rudiments. Ages 18+

Guitar 1
Using Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method, students will learn the basics of playing guitar including the skills of tuning and reading sheet music.  Class goals include learning all notes in first position across all six strings. Ages 8+

Guitar 2
Continuing using Hal Leonard’s method, students will learn different keys and start to play more advanced music using the 2nd book. Class goals include exploring creativity with the guitar and teaching students to structure their own music. Ages 8+

Guitar for Adults
With a foundation in basic music theory, Students will learn to explore their creativity in a collaborative classroom. We will focus primarily on musicianship as a group and begin to put together original songs.

Mariachi Group
Students will develop instrumental and vocal technique and continue to advance their music reading. Choose guitar, violin, trumpet or guitarrón and play in the ensemble instructed by Mariachi Zapata’s very own Ramón Hernandez. 

Piano 1
Using Bastien Piano Basics (Primer A), students will learn the very basics of the piano including hand positioning, staffs, repeats, reading notes, and music theory. Ages 4-6

Piano 2, 3
Using Bastien Piano Basics (Primer Level), students will learn the basics of the piano and continue to gather music reading skills and playing techniques including time signatures and melodic and harmonic intervals. Ages 7+

Using Hal Leonard’s Guitar Method, the instructor will work with students in learning the basics of playing ukulele including the skills of tuning and reading music. Ages 8+

Using the Suzuki method, young violinists will learn the basics of violin including reading music, instrument maintenance and developing a natural bow hold. Ages 7+

Voice 1
Students in this course will learn good breath support and develop vocal sound, practicing stamina and singing harmony. Ages 8+