Our Instructors

Aly Peeler-Kavanaugh (Ukulele)

Aly is skilled in playing the ukulele, is a singer songwriter, vocal coach and mentor, master of ceremonies and event promoter. Aly likes teaching for AFA because she loves the determination and diversity of her students. She also loves her fellow instructors, saying, “They are some of the most talented artists I know.” Aly runs a very successful open mic every Wednesday for the past seven years, originally at the Side Door Lounge, currently at Down Under on 3530 Leavenworth. For the past five years, she has volunteered her time mentoring young, promising artists. Her first young artist just signed with BMG records – very exciting! She loves working with young people and giving them a platform to share their thoughts and ideas. She has recorded on my local albums including Mitch Oettman and Collin Smith of the Cosmic Smiths and is currently working on releasing her Lullaby album. She performs regularly thaught Omaha and the United States. Aly has a cable show on Omaha’s cable channel KPAO (ch. 22) that highlights local songwriters and poets, called Omaha Sound. They are currently working on a second season. She has been nominated three times for Omaha Entertainment Arts Awards’ best singer songwriter and “Artist of the Year”. She has a B.A. in History and a B.S. in Anthropology with a focus on archaeology from Iowa State University. Personal Note: “ I believe it is so important for us to encourage young people to find creative outlets in life. It is a privilege to teach people music and songwriting as a means of processing our lives.”

Aly teaches Ukulele at Westgate.

Angela Stuhlsatz (Visual Arts)

Angela teaches Clay, Art 1, Drawing/Painting, General Art, and Sculpture.

Anna Brun (Piano)

Anna  teaches Piano 2 & 3 at several locations and has been an instructor for Arts For All since January 2019. She began learning the piano as well as accordion at age 8. Anna spent her high school years immersed in music, including french horn in concert band, alto saxophone in jazz band, choir, hand bells in bell choir, and playing in the pit orchestra of countless musicals. Anna also enjoys music theory, and strives to give students a deeper understanding and love of music by incorporating theory into their lessons.

Anna is a passionate educator and believes that by inspiring the younger generations to find their voice and passion in the world, we can help to create a more creative-minded, accepting, and gorgeous future for all of us. Anna also serves on the Board of Directors for the Apollon Art Space as well as for GLSEN Omaha.

In her free time, Anna enjoys gardening, cooking, attending art and music events around the city, volunteering, traveling and connecting with people, and spending time with her cat and pigeon.

Dane Johnson (Drums)

Dane is an Instructor who teaches Drums for AFA. Dane has been playing drums since he was thirteen and has studied under many professional musicians such as Luigi Waites, Joe Voda, Bob Edson, and Jim Elsberry. He has opened for many professional musicians such as John Denver, Reba McIntire, Charlie Daniels, Roger Miller, Tony Orlando, Louise Mandrell, and Lee Greenwood.

A veteran, he served for thirteen years in the United States Air Force Band performing in jazz, rock, country, concert and marching bands and as lead and harmony vocalist. Currently, Dane tours Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas in a classic rock band and substitutes for country, blues and big bands.

Dane teaches Drums 1 & 2 and Drums for Adults at Benson and Westgate.

Jim Jacobi (Visual Art)

Jim is an Instructor who teaches Painting and Drawing for AFA.  Jim has been teaching for AFA for 8 years and enjoys watching students grow from beginning painters/drawers into very exceptional artists over many years. Jim has a BFA and an MFA in Art and has shown and sold art on a national and international level. 

In his current work, Jacobi has been working on many commissioned works that offer many varieties in style and media with emphasis on color, line, and stroke. Philosophically, Jacobi feels that the world outside the canvas is our reality and what is created on canvas is a new reality which we create. It is our way of giving creativity back to the universe from which it came–which any of us can be lucky enough to experience.

Jim teaches Painting for Adults at Benson and Westgate.

Justin Gilbreath (Guitar)

Justin is an Instructor who teaches Guitar for AFA. 
He believes his instruction becomes the foundation for students to eventually have the ability to turn to music as a form of self-expression. Anyone who watches his students can quickly realize that he’s doing something right; they excitedly rush into the classroom and leave smiling, oftentimes humming a new tune they learned during the session. Justin is a guitar teacher who has the ability to get his students excited about playing an instrument.

His creative pursuits extend beyond guitar. He has performed spoken word poetry around Omaha and currently involved with the SYMO National Poetry Slam team. How does he find the time to squeeze so many pursuits into his life? It’s simple: he loves what he does.

Justin teaches Guitar 1 & 2 at Benson and Old Mill.

Kim Huggins (Theatre)

Kim is an Instructor who teaches Acting/Improv and Creative Writing classes for AFA. Kim has also had the opportunity to teach in AFA’s enrichment programs at several Omaha Public Schools and with ZAP!(Zoo Afterschool Program). Growing up Kim loved pretend play – whether she was a fairy tale princess, a superhero, or a little kitty. In high school and college, Kim still loves performing for an audience, especially if she has the chance to make them laugh.

Along with acting, Kim’s second passion is writing. In college she chose to major in journalism while still participating in campus theatre. After graduation she worked in several journalistic/business fiends, including newspapers, marketing, and public relations. She is currently a freelance writer and paraprofessional with LaVista Junior High.

Maria Barron-Zuniga (Guitar)

Maria teaches Guitar 1 & 2 at Ralston.

Martin Modesto (Piano)

Martin teaches Piano 2. Martin is currently working towards a Piano Musical degree at Grace University. He enjoys helping people discover their artistic and musical ability. Outside of AFA, Martin volunteers as a Music Director at Lifegate Midtown.

Ramón Hernandez (Mariachi)

Ramón specializes in Music Appreciation (basic teaching in music theory, strings, Guitar, Guitarrón, Vihuela, Vocals, Mariachi) and has skills in percussion (drums/piano). With the help of AFA, Ramón  enjoys watching his students’ interest in learning an instrument and their pride of showing what they’ve learned in a recital/performance. 

He has over 40 years experience in performance and teaching. He organized Mariachi Zapata in 1989 (still performing). Mariachi Zapata has performed throughout the midwest: Nebraska State Fair (approx. 15 years), Howard Churro Cafe (24 years; 1991-2015), Latino Heartland Fiesta (2000-2016). Ramón was nominated four times for the OEAA or Omaha Entertainment Arts Awards (2014-2018).

He received a Bachelor of Science in Music Merchandising (business, music, education;1984) and a Child Development Associate (1990-1992) and a Master of Arts in Education/Adult Education/Training (2012).

Professional Email: mariachizapata@yahoo.com.

“You’re never too young or too late to learn and teach music (education)”

Rick Gobble (Visual Art)

Rick  is an Instructor who teaches Drawing and Painting for AFA. Rick holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA. He specializes in illustration and watercolor painting. Rick enjoys teaching at AFA because of the opportunity to learn from his students as much as they learn from him. He believes that teaching pushes him to be an even better artist.

Rick teaches Drawing/Painting and Intro to Media at Benson.

Sarah Wiedemeier (VIsual Art)

Sarah is an Instructor who teaches Visual Arts for AFA. She has a K-12 Arts Education degree from Coe College in Cedar Rapids and is a substitute for Omaha Public and Council Bluffs Schools.

Sarah teaches Drawing and Intro to Media at Westgate.

Tiffany Bock (Dance)

Tiffany teaches Ballet and Contemporary Dance. 

Our Administration

Judy Mallory, Founder

As a child, Judith “Judy” Mallory was fortunate to take lessons in ballet, tap and piano. Judy continued to study piano and this allowed her to develop into an accompanist and play for many events. While Judy was growing in the performing arts, she also succeeded in high school visual arts where her artwork won multiple awards. The arts were an everyday activity for Judy. Her parents ensured her studies came first, but they encouraged her to shine in the areas she succeeded in. It was this love and nurture which helped her to succeed in high school and into college.  Judy added choir to her growing list of accomplishments and sang in multiple choral groups during her work at Boystown, performed for her own church, and later participated in the choir at AT&T.

 Judy became a traveling elementary art teacher. However, she discovered her calling when she took on the multiple roles of course developer, instructor, presenter, therapist and program manager for AT&T. During her time with AT&T, Judy was instrumental in the development of the diversity department working with many different groups of employees. Judy has always been focused on diversity and inclusivity and believes in the importance of giving back to your community.

 When Judy realized her dream was to incorporate her love of the arts with her life’s emphasis on service, she drew upon her many years of arts training, corporate experience and education. With that dream, a few fellow supporters, and a heart full of determination, Judy opened the doors of Arts For All, Inc. in 2006. 

 As the Founder, Judy has many responsibilities. She enjoys her leadership role, which includes hiring new instructors, building curriculum, bringing further development to AFA. Outside of the office, she fosters partnerships between AFA and the community, by working with other local non-profits, and members of Non-profit Association of the Midlands, creating new opportunities such as the Pratt Street Project, partnering with the YMCA to develop a theater program, and various community based workshops while raising awareness and fundraising for AFA.

In 2016, Judy was chosen among others in her state as the recipient of the Jefferson Award which is a prestigious national service recognition platform honoring community service and public volunteerism in America. She was then invited to the national convention and received the award for organizational achievement.

 Diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, Judy has undergone both surgery and chemotherapy and yet she remains dedicated to her work promoting the arts. She is an example of hard work, dedication and passion for what she loves. The students served by AFA are thankful for her devotion and dedication to promoting arts within the community; without her, Arts For All would not be where it is today. 

 “Within everyone of us is a creative spark.” 

                                                       –Judy Mallory