Student Safety
Students are required to sign in with the site coordinator before class each week. AFA needs to know who is in class in case of an emergency or severe weather situation. Students are to be picked up inside the building by a parent or guardian in the lobby, near the site coordinator’s desk. This is to ensure that students leave with the correct adult and that no students are unattended in the parking lot. If due to disability or other issues and the parent/guardian cannot enter the building, they must sign a Parking Lot Waiver clearing Arts For All, Inc. of any liability associated with the student leaving unattended.

Inclement Weather
AFA is closed when OPS is closed for bad weather. We do not close during low temperature days. Please watch weather announcements on our Facebook page, Twitter, and the website ( for a cancellation by AFA. The announcement on the office phone (402-556-7821) will also indicate weather closings. Attempts will be made to contact Saturday students in the event of bad weather. When schools are not in session, we will try to contact as many students as possible, primarily via email. Please be sure the office has your current phone numbers and email addresses. Safety is first concern, if inclement weather prohibits your travel, please contact the AFA office. Please do not contact the church. Parents are financially responsible for make-up classes their student is unable to attend.

If a tornado warning or other severe weather alert is issued during an AFA class, students use the site’s tornado shelter and/or follow the safety procedures at the class location.

Regardless of attendance, students are financially responsible for every class during the semester. AFA is a non-profit organization that puts class fees directly back into the cost of holding the classes.  AFA plans a budget and expects its students to honor their commitments. It is required that the entire semester is paid, similar to other public education programs and places like universities. AFA offers payment plans and support during financial challenges. Additionally, student withdrawal may affect the ability of the class to meet the class objectives. Changes may need to be made to the class time based upon the smaller class size. 

Returned Checks
There is a $20 charge if a check is returned for insufficient funds.

Financial Need

  • If a family qualifies, payment plans based on need may be arranged by contacting the office at [email protected] or 402-556-7821.
  • Limited scholarships are available based upon financial need. For a scholarship application, contact the office at [email protected] or 402-556-7821.


  • Parents/Guardians: Please notify Arts For All before the first week of classes if you need to cancel so we can fill your seat with a waiting student. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after the first week of classes.
  • Arts For All, Inc. reserves the right to cancel a class, camp or workshop due to insufficient enrollment (5 students minimum to run any class).
  • If a class is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, students will be offered a class at a different time or location. If an alternative is not feasible, a refund will be issued (Arts For All, Inc. will retain $10).

If your child has to miss a class, please call the Arts For All office at (402) 556-7821. It is the parent’s responsibility to inform the office immediately if a student will miss or drop a class. In addition to signing in with the site coordinator, teachers will also take attendance. 

Acquiring artistic/expressive abilities is a fun, rewarding journey that requires dedication and perseverance. Therefore, attendance to all AFA classes within a semester is not only encouraged but essential before a student can reach their potential. The staff at AFA strive to provide quality classes and understand that occasionally things happen, but please keep in mind that a student’s absence may affect the class and students on the waitlist.