What is Arts For All, Inc?
AFA is a 501(c)(3) arts education organization.
Subjects include music, dance, visual arts, theatre, writing and more
What does AFA offer?
Public classes for just $10 an hour
Enrichment courses for local schools
Workshops for the public and community organizations
Who does AFA Serve?
Greater Omaha Area
All ages
All experience levels
All people


Arts For All, Inc. (AFA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization became an expressed dream on January 18, 2006 when School of the Arts (SOTA), a division of Presbyterian Outreach, closed. Several members of SOTA, including teachers, staff, and board members had a desire, vision, passion, and belief that the arts were very important for all people and wanted everyone to be able to participate in the arts. We decided to do this by making the arts available and affordable for all.

Before we became an official non-profit, we began offering classes in piano, guitar, dance, and art as AFA on February 1, 2006. We offered these classes in donated spaces at two local churches. In May2006, we had our first fundraiser for the legal expenses involved in becoming a 501(c)(3). On July 19, 2006 AFA was granted our non-profit status and we have been growing ever since.


Advocating for Arts

Arts For All, Inc (AFA) serves thousands of local students each year, many of whom would not otherwise have opportunities to receive arts education. Arts education positively impacts the lives of our children by helping to develop critical thinking, problem solving, resourcefulness, teamwork, and many other skills. An investment in the arts is an investment in the future of our community.